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The Digital Munsell Book of Color, with complete charts

Do you prefer a dentist or surgeon who is highly skilled? Of course. What about cooks? Are the unskilled ones somehow more creative, better suited to make wonderful food? We’ve all sat through the painful proof that this is not true.  If you want to mix oil colors in oils quickly and accurately but don't want to spend $1,250 on The Munsell Book of Color, there's a better solution:  The Digital Munsell Book of Color. Been a long time coming, I know. Juggling lots of fine china lately.  And it's very expensive which has been the biggest hurdle for most people who want to learn better ways to mix color.  After all, good color is critical to learning to paint well.  I love The Munsell Book of Color so much I own two. I've used one every day for 16 years. It's a wonderful tool for oil painters. It helps me mix color accurately (obviously), paint faster and waste much less paint than before. I've been working on a way to have access to all the Munsell colors without spending all that cash.I  met a friend at the National Gallery recently and we were in front of a large Heda banquet still life, discussing how he (probably) proceeded with the white table cloth. My friend pulled out her phone and brought up the 10YR, 2.5Y and 5Y charts and we could see the color matches so easily. It works very well, and is very convenient to use.  Just keep direct light off the screen and next to the spot on your palette where you mix your colors and you'll be amazed how easy it is to match up your mixes and targets.  Price is $150 for the full Munsell set, just for workshop attendees. And there's a skin tone set that covers every type of skin which is ready now, $75. I'm also planning some mixing videos to make it easier for those who are unfamiliar with Munsell.

$150.00 USD

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