Painting and Color Mixing Tutorials

I'm currently producing  color-mixing tutorials covering the 10 major hue groups in the Munsell system. For those not familiar with Munsell, it is a color system that allows painters to identify and mix every color that is possible to mix in oil paints. The Munsell system frees a painter to focus on creativity and beauty. 

Next tutorials: Painting Pomegranates and Campari. Mixing Yellow-reds. 

About me: I am an American artist who is becoming well-known for my series of oil paintings of what the world would look like if animals and women and children formed an alliance to fill the leadership vacuum currently hastening climate disaster and the 6th extinction. 

I was born in 1953 in Boston and grew up with a deep love for nature and a desire to make paintings. 

My passion for learning how to paint the images which come to me in dreams and semi-waking moments lead me to a long journey to discover exactly how to construct a painting that will last, and uncover the materials and methods once known and more recently vehemently discarded by the universities and colleges.

My search was successful and I now know how to paint these paintings that previously existed only in my dreams. I know that sounds arrogant, but it’s true. Not that I don’t have more to learn. Not at all! I learn every day, but now I know how to go about learning in the most productive way ever. This painting, Jokes • Jokes • Jokes, will be the most recent piece in this series. My work has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries and museums in the United States.