Talent is just another name for tenacity of purpose. 


The North Window

Parrot Tulip Blumex

The Sorrow

The Budding



 It’s nice to SEE you!

The average human can see approximately 3,200,000 colors, but even with current oil paints we can only mix 3,200 individual colors. 

That's why it's so important to be able to identify which colors we want to mix and know how to mix them accurately. Every time. 



Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. Fast is deadly.

Take your time. Spend most of it on your  underpainting. Think only about the information you want to add. Your thoughts will be visible in your paint and in your painting.

Detail is meaningless. Information is everything.

Can’t wait for your next painting class? Here are a few short videos which might tide you over.


Mixing color

The simple and complex



If you're interested in figure painting, this chart just might blow your mind. 


The local skin color of 95% of humans -- of any race -- fall into the two middle columns. The left column is the local of those whose skin veers toward red, and the right column for those who skew to yellow. In my color mixing courses, you will master the art of mixing the color, mediums and effects you need to create beautiful paintings, no matter what the subject. 



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