Which reds are in this Bronzino painting?

Jun 07, 2023

A short video on how to know exactly which reds are in this painting, The Panciatichi Holy Family by Agnolo Bronzino (Italian, 1503-1572).

At first glance it appears that the reds in this dress are varied. Actually, they are all very close in hue. What shifts (aside from value, of course) is chroma. Even allowing for a slight amplification of chroma in the digital photo some of these reds are at the absolute maximum chroma. 

That super-high chroma, through the process of simultaneous contrast, makes the low(er) chroma reds used in the lighter areas of the dress appear to be quite low in chroma. They aren't though. The reds that appear low-chroma are no lower than chroma 8 and some are as high as chroma 12.

If you're interested in mixing color, especially reds, watch for my tutorial on mixing reds, coming soon. 

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