Drawing of Esther, the Lion and the Fox

This is huge. (My new series)

accurate drawing drawing Feb 03, 2023

Yup, I said huge. The new series I've been working on, something about animals becoming (more) sentient and taking leadership of the world because the humans aren't doing such a terrific job at it , just developed another branch. One I'm really excited about. 

There are four new works in the, uh, works. A bunch of finished work went out to new homes and Principle Gallery, leaving me some room —both physical and mental — to fill. 

And fill it I am doing! 

This is the start of a piece titled BOOF! Yep, I have titles from the beginning for most of these pieces. Another change. Cat Woman is such a great influence on me!

This is the fourth piece in this branch of the series I've started. I've been drawing like an insane person, probably not all that far from the truth, at least to those poor souls who know not the absolute joy of being in the creative storm. The drawings I've done have drawn (yes, I did that) got the same question from three people: How do I make my drawings so accurate?  Since they all know I'm not an idiotic drawing savant they have wondered out loud if there's a method to my madness. 

And the answer is yes, there is. And anyone could use it beneficially. I put together a three-page PDF with a full explanation of the exact method I use on every painting's drawing. If you're curious or in need of something like that check it out here:https://www.richardmurdock.com/offers/cTBboLPr

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