Setting up to mix from the Expanded Digital Munsell Book of Color

munsell color mixing primary colors in oil paint warm/cool color in oil painting Feb 24, 2024

Just got a new set of lights, plugged in my microphone and made this sweet lil video of me mixing three dark reds at pretty high chroma. It's fast, easy and accurate. Took me more time than usual only because I was trying to go slow for the video. 

I've been thinking about the ways people try to get around learning to mix color. It's not that there's only one way to do it! If someone knows how to mix the color they want and need, and their purpose is met, I fully support that. 

But there are those who think that they can mix every color from three primaries. Or the people who talk in terms of warm/cool colors. Could you be a bit more vague?

I really don't mean to insult anyone and I apologize if I have. It's just that painting, serious painting, is not a pursuit that is enhanced by vague notions. 

More later. 

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