Painting Skin with Controlled Chromatic Veils

mixing red oil paint underpainting in high chroma color veiling Aug 11, 2023

08/24/23: Just finished the first edition of the manual for my initial color mixing tutorial, Mixing Red Like a Master. Haven't done much painting while trying to wrestle this beast into submission. The tutorial will hopefully be available this weekend. Meanwhile, today I made more progress on this painting, working title is Graffiti Girl (alliteration counts!)

Played with a new version of the secret medium I tripped over awhile back. Used it in the background and loved it. Progress all around. 

08/11/23: I've been experimenting, as usual. I've nailed enough factors to be able to constrain my experiments to one or two variables. It's a weird-strange experience because I've been trying to figure out the painting process best for me. Having finally gotten there leaves this big empty figure-it-out list. 

That emptiness allows me to play more, and this painting is a result of that play. It's not done, as my plan is to cover her face with graffiti, but its progression is accelerating. 

The reference for this painting is a black/white photo and all color is invented. Over the years I've been asked what benefits Munsell brings a painter. Aside from being able to mix any color needed, Munsell makes inventing very convincing color straightforward. 

1st Stage: High-chroma layer with 7.5YR at 8th chroma. For reference, this chroma is approximately twice the normal maximum one would see in a person.

2nd Stage: Low-chroma layer with 10YR at 2nd chroma. For reference, you might see this chroma on a very pale person. I'm mixing the full string and using it to begin turning form. 

3rd Stage: Continuing with low-chroma layer of 10YR at 2nd chroma. Continuing to work on turning form. Also added neutral gray at value 6 to the background.

4th Stage: Continuing with mid-chroma layer of 10YR at 4th chroma. More turning of forms.

5th Stage: Working with mid-chroma layer of 10YR at 4th chroma, expanding the value range to establish light-facing planes, moving towards the light and dark value extremes.

6th Stage:  This is the current stage. I think I'll begin working with final color once this stage dries. 

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