How to get the best smooth finish on a lead-primed panel

lead primer lead white making panels painting satisfaction Mar 14, 2023
Painting on lead primer is one of the most satisfying experiences for me. This morning I primed 13 panels with lead ground and it was a great Sunday morning experience. Some were linen on birch or hardboard, others were primed ACM and a few were copper. 
The process is simple and the results are beautiful.
The lead ground provides a smooth surface and the oil paint glides on like butter. Or margarine, depending on your food groups.
I use Rublev Alkyd Lead Primer. Dries to the touch very quickly and produces smooth surfaces that are wonderful to paint on. If you like a rough(er) surface you're good to go. If you like a smoother surface just let it dry for a couple of days and the scrape it down.
And if you want a really smooth surface you can get it by holding a single edge razor blade at 45 degrees and drawing it slowly toward you. Use your little finger to steady the blade. Works like a charm. If this seems dangerous to you then you might want to watch the video I’ll make once these panels are dry. If it seems dangerous after watching me do it you’ll probably want to avoid lead primer as well.
If you want to try the primer I'm using you can find it here. I have no business relationship with George. Or personal, for that matter: RUBLEV LEAD ALKYD GROUND

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