Graffiti Man

Hold still, this will only take a minute. "Nope!"

dreadlocks graffiti man painting graffiti Aug 27, 2023

11/20/23: Just spent two months wandering very cool places, seeing very beautiful art, having wicked fine experiences like a Balinese cremation ceremony, thinking about ways to paint all the images bounding around my head. Today, after a bunch of admin-type tasks, I got to put a few of my ideas into practice. I'm very happy with today's work.  

09/13/23: Added 2.5B 6/6 to the graffiti borders. Here's a side-by-side of the blues, all at 6th value and 6th chroma, just to give you a sense of how the hues change as they progress. 

090923, S6: Getting into some color and value adjustments in hair. 

090323, S5: Began working in the actual underpainting colors. Today's was 5YR 2/6. Gonna go to a party now.

08/30/23, Stage 4: Third layer of 2.5Y 7/2. For any non-Munsell speakers, this is a low-chroma yellow that is closest to yellow-red (Orange!). The lower chroma will create a shimmery cloudiness and the shift from 5YR to 2.5Y will add hue shimmer to the effect. Take note of the end result, which appears to be a red-purple hue. That's what happens when layering 2.5Y 7/2 over 5YR at 8th chroma, apparently.

08/29/23, Stage 3: Second layer of Vasari Transparent Brown Oxide + Michael Harding Ivory Black. Trying to accomplish two goals here:
1. Shift values darker
2. Create the textures of his hair. Much easier to do at this early stage than further on. Much easier. 

08/28/23, Stage 2: First layer of Vasari Transparent Brown Oxide. Tomorrow I'll add more, work on darkening the appropriate areas. This paint dries fast so I should be good to go. 

08/27/23, Stage 1: Another attempt at having enough courage to entirely ruin a painting, or make something new out of it. 

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