The Expanded Digital Munsell Charts for Painters

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Benefits of these charts:

These digital Munsell charts are formatted to be 100% accurate.

You can access them from your phone. Placing the phone so that you can see your mixing paints and the target color on your phone without moving your eyes allows for extremely accurate color mixing. The charts are an expanded set of colors than are present in the printed MBoC. 

You can also use the digital charts to determine specific colors in your subject if you are painting from life.

If you are an outdoor painter the charts are much easier to use than hauling the MBoC around. 

And, finally, you can use them in museums to determine what colors you're seeing in favorite paintings. 

I know how expensive it is to buy the Munsell Color Set, especially if you haven't had a chance to prove its value to your work.

I was able to prove its value to myself in a real-world setting: Within three months of starting to mix color with Munsell I was able to double my prices twice and sell nine paintings!

But I get it. How can you justify spending $1,600 on a book that might not pay off? Might be too complicated to understand?

I am certain using Munsell will improve your color mixing. That's why I created this digital version for my own students, and why I am making available to you. 

The colors are 100% accurate and include chips not found in the printed set. Since it sits on your phone it's portable as well — very handy if you're a plein air painter, would like to be able to determine what colors are used in the paintings in galleries and museums, or just trying to determine what colors a particular object is. 

Are you ready to master color mixing and composing?

This is a digital version of the printed Munsell Book of Color (currently available on Amazon for $1,600!) and includes:

  • Expanded color charts for all 10 Munsell hue groups

  • First chroma colors for all 40 hues

  • The ability to enlarge the color to make mixing much easier.

  • Easy setup guide. 

Color mixing is now at your fingertips!

Check the video out to see how easy it is. Although some colors take longer than others to mix my average is 90 seconds, and I'm usually painting with 5-6 mixes on my palette. It takes me only 10 minutes to have the exact paints I need ready and waiting for me. 

$99.00 USD

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