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Learn to mix every red possible in oil paint.

The common wisdom is that values do all the work and "color" gets all the credit, but it's flawed thinking. Color is made up of three qualities, not one or two. Values do their work, and are important but if you are struggling to get hues and chroma correct all that work can be for naught. 

Beautiful hues and chroma makes the magic happen! And anyone willing to practice mixing color for no more than 15 minutes a day for one month can mix any red they desire.

The photos in the banner above represent the array of reds one might encounter in their painting subjects, from 2.5R on the left to 5R, 7.5R and 10R on the right.

I love matching the colors I see and need in every painting. It's deeply satisfying and brings value to the finished work. But in the painting above, a cropped study of William Bouguereau's La Moissoneuse, I really felt the pressure to match his reds, especially since this painting is 48" by 48" and was heading to Arcadia Gallery. I credit my knowledge of Munsell for helping me succeed. 

Everything this course provides:

• 16 individual Digital Munsell Red charts, organized by hue and chroma to guide your mixing. 99.99% accurate color PDFs you can take anywhere.

• 16 videos, organized by hue and chroma, showing you how to mix low chroma, middle chroma, high chroma and extra-high chroma colors. With a bit of practice you'll be able to mix every red you desire

• 5 downloadable PDFs explaining hue, value, chroma and mixing

• Bonus painting demonstration

• 26-page instruction manual

• Bronzino's painting, The Panciatichi Holy Family to practice your reds

**Please note that auto-captions do  terrible things to the names of the colors I use to mix with. Always refer to the manual or the individual videos for correct paints used.