Digital Munsell Charts (Paul Foxton Workshops)

If you're here you must be a Foxton Fan.

I know I am.  Paul and I have known each other since the first Munsell color workshop in 2007. He's a great friend and a wonderful teacher. We both know how important it is to mix beautiful, accurate color.

We also know how expensive it is to buy the Munsell Color Set, especially if you haven't had a chance to prove its value to your work.

That's why I created this digital version for my own students, and why I am working with Paul to provide it to you.

The colors are 100% accurate and include chips not found in the printed set. Since it sits on your phone it's portable as well — very handy if you're a plein air painter, would like to be able to determine what colors are used in the paintings in galleries and museums, or just trying to determine what colors a particular object is. 

Are you ready to master color mixing and composing? Then this is a great tool, and combined with Paul's teaching you will amaze yourself!  

This is digital version of the printed Munsell Book of Color (currently available on Amazon for $1,600!) and includes:

  • Expanded color charts for all 10 Munsell hue groups

  • First chroma colors for all 40 hues

  • The ability to enlarge the color to make mixing much easier. 

Color mixing is now at your fingertips!

$40.00 USD

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