$168.00 USD


The Munsell Color Suite: Photoshop Library & Digital Munsell Charts

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This is the tool I've been searching for since 2006.  After I found out that BabelColor is shutting down on January 1st, 2024 I had a new sense of urgency.

I quit twice, had a few emotions, and then I figured out how to make it work. And work it does!

With over 3100 Munsell colors that are 100% accurate, it functions inside Photoshop seamlessly. Just a few clicks and a couple of minutes are all it takes to know which colors to mix. The Expanded Digital Munsell Color Mixing Guide has all 3,100 Munsell colors that the Munsell Photoshop Library has, 91% more than the printed Munsell set.

• Expanded skin tone hues.
Expanded value range
• Works smoothly with The Munsell Photoshop Library.
• Formatted for easy smart phone navigation.

The original Munsell Book of Color sets, currently selling new for over $1,600, have fewer colors and those have been compromised by the limitations of printing. Audits have revealed that as many as 30% of printed Munsell chips are not accurate. 

The Munsell Color Photoshop Library has none of those issues. All colors are 100% accurate; Some hue groups have half-step value. First value colors are included for all hue groups, as well as far more of the highest chroma colors. You'll get lifetime access to the expanded Munsell Color  Library for Photoshop, video instructions on usage, plus all updates. Forever...

Important: If your version of Photoshop is older than May 6, 2013 this library will not work with it, since it's available only through the Creative Cloud. Please double-check that your version of Photoshop can run the Munsell Library.