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How to know exactly what color you see!

Thinking of color that you can see and want to mix as warm or cool is like going into a restaurant where you can only order warm food or cool. 

What are the chances you'll get a meal you'll enjoy?

There are two parts to this course. The first is a PDF explaining why warm/cool doesn't work. The second is a video showing you how I analyze color quickly and accurately.

Even if you don't use Munsell you can use this method to determine exactly what colors you're seeing. Mixing them accurately will be trickier than if you have a Munsell set, but you'll be better off than just guessing. 

I use Photoshop (which has a monthly fee structure) and BabelColor, (which has a free demo you can use). 
I can't guarantee that other programs will work the way Photoshop does.