Jan van Eyck as a lemur

We need art, not sleep!

Apr 02, 2022

Yesterday I woke up from deep sleep at 2am to think about the workshop with Tony Curanaj. We've been friends for 15 years and a few months ago I realized that he's the one painter I most wanted to study with.
I got up because I was too jazzy to go back to sleep, mainly because I had an idea about how Tony's approach might merge with mine and I needed to try it right then. Plus, Cat Woman scratches when I'm restless.
I go to the studio and start thinking about Jan van Eyck, but as a lemur. I've never done anything like this, actually, but the only way for me to resolve a painting concept that has a hold on me is to paint it out. This is where it stands after a day and half.
Tony might kick me out of the workshop for connecting him to this crazy painting. I hope not, but we all know how great a strategy hope is.

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