Study of Holbein's Georg Grieze

May 24, 2022

Not sure how far I'll take the background on this one. It's one of my favorites, as well as one of the paintings that spawned still life as a separate genre. Look at the original. The items around Herr Grieze — which were referred to as side work, since they were usually off to the side —  are so beautifully painted that artists began making works of just the objects themselves. 

So, definitely an homage. If it weren't for painters like Holbein I doubt I'd have survived the AbEx brainwashing Pratt inflicted on me. It's been my mission to learn to paint like this since 1971. 

This is my second painting session on this piece. At this point I'm building out the underpainting with thin paint strokes. In the first session I used just 4TH value 5YR to describe all the forms beyond the terminator. Today I used 5YR at 2ND value to begin turning those shadow forms more.

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