Speaking of information, and lots of it...

Feb 25, 2022

This is the first time I've attempted an owl. They're fascinating to look at and I'm playing with the possibility that this methodology can be used to paint any subject. That needs to be tested and proved out though. 

Hence, many different creatures are stomping, padding and flying through my studio lately. So far, my neighbors haven't even noticed them. 

I've spent a few hours on building up the owl's underpainting, always thinking of what information to include, what to leave out. At this stage that is often articulated through a linear approach, but tone does enter into the process as well, and as it did today.

I'm also trying out oil-primed panels by Raymar. This is the first one, the C13DP. I thought the texture of the linen would get in the way but the panel takes paint so smoothly that I'm quite happy with the results. And I've saved the other two panels from the sample pack for later. They are so fine and smooth I can't wait.

The reason I tried the Raymars is Trekell (my usual brand) stopped selling larger panels. Some of the beasts I'm painting now are demanding to be painted large and Raymar will make custom panels up to 96x48". Now that I've tried painting on them the deal is done.  I will stick with them. 

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