Cremnitz White & Ground Glass, plus RGH discounts!

lead white lead white with glass Jun 21, 2022

Recently I heard George O'Hanlon say that using lead white is the cure for all the ills a painter might introduce to their work, whether through a bit too much medium or imperfect fat over lean layering, etc. It's a pretty strong statement, especially from him. It caused me to switch back to lead white from titanium — which I had mainly started using because some of my students can't or don't want to use lead.

 As a thank you for recommending his paints to my workshop people, Rolf  at RGH sent me a sample of their new lead white, Cremnitz & Ground Glass. My working hours have been cut into because of the tetanus thing, plus standing seemed to make the cut split open and ache. So everything is behind. 

I got a chance to use the new Cremnitz & glass on the sky in my Lemur painting. I even made a short video about it. The paint is lovely, with body and perfect (for me) translucency. I can feel the glass while mixing on the glass palette, can even hear it. But it is very, very fine and paints out in great little strokes. 

If you're looking for a way to introduce a bit more reflected light in your paintings this is a great way to do that while giving your work more stability due to the lead's inherently strong paint films. If I understand correctly, this strength is conferred on all layers. 

If you are a workshop attendee of mine you get great discounts on RGH paints:
• 6% on any order up to $100
• 11% on any order over $100 up to $500
• 15% on any order over $500

That's a lot of great paint. Speaking of which, I need to get some drawing done today so I can paint tomorrow. 

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