Abbozzo in the time of Rona

May 17, 2022

Yeah. Still sticking around a bit. Whatever. Worked more on the green vase of the Ukiyo-e Tulip painting this morning, 

Then finished a drawing for a study of Van Dyke's portrait of van der Geest, Finished both up just before a 2-hour zoom, just enough to mix 5YR 6/4, tone the panel, then paint into the tone with pure burnt umber. Finished that just before the end of the zoom and just as the toning was beginning to set up. 

I'll do a full 5YR 4C underpainting of van der Geest. I'm really loving how easy a chromatic underpainting solves so many issues and sets me up for a quick finish. 

Full images, including a van der Geest progression, are below.

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