The Tools & Skills You Need 

I believe in skill...

Preferably — inarguably, really — people who are experts should know how to do the activities they claim expertise in. 

Dentists? Eye surgeons? Chefs? And plumbers and nannies, too. Great skills make the world a more pleasant, satisfying place.

Somehow that got turned upside down when it comes to making art. That's certainly the doodah they tried to fill my head with in art school. (And I went to a good school, dammit.)

So, maybe Rothko didn't know what he was doing. Or Albers or Schuker.  I doubt that, though. But for me it was near-heresy, and still is.

I think that the greatest propellant to creativity is a solid grounding in the skills needed to make the work I was born to do. I don't think I'll ever reach the end of that road, either. Every time I learn another bit the possibilities increase exponentially. 

If you feel similarly, take a look at the tutorials I'm offering below. I'll be adding a full, Munsell-based color mixing tutorial very soon. It will be broken down by each Hue group, starting with the reds.  Stay tuned for that. 

Current Tutorials